Englisch Fremdsprachenwettbewerb

On Tuesday the 7th of March 2017 two students from our school competed at the English-Contest at the WIFI in Dornbirn. 17 contestants showed off their incredible language skills and put up a tough competition for our competitors Nina Dilksky (8c) and Malika Salichova (8c). After three rounds, each in a different discipline, the winner was chosen. Both of our candidates did a great job at presenting their ability to discuss and speak to a crowd in English.
Nina successfully made it into the second round, but unfortunately neither Nina nor Malika were able to advance to the final round and win the contest, even with the amazing support of our two backup candidates, three of our potential future candidates and of course our assistant Nathan and Professor Beate Steger.

We would like to thank Nathan for the great and helpful support in preparing for the contest, Beate Steger for managing our entry into the competition and the school for paying for the celebratory meal.

Jonas Sutterlütti, 8C